Adinkra T-Shirts (Various Symbols)

Gye Nyame T-Shirt.

The literal meaning is "Only God" or "Except God"

Gye Nyame is a symbol expressing the omnipotence of God


Nkonsonkonson T-Shirt

The Literal Meaning is Chain Link

A Symbol of Unity, Community and Human relations

A reminder to contribute to the community, that in Unity lies strength


Dwennimmen T-Shirt

The literal meaning is "Ram's Horns"

A symbol expressing Humility together with Strength

The ram will fight fiercely against an adversary, but it also submits humbly to slaughter, emphasizing that even the strong need to be humble.


Akoben T-Shirt

The literal meaning is "War Horn"

A symbol expressing Vigilance & Wariness


Akoben is a horn used to sound a battle cry.

Wawa Aba T-Shirt

The literal meaning is "Seed of the Wawa Tree"

A symbol expressing Hardiness, Toughness & Perseverance

The seed of the wawa tree is extremely hard. In Akan culture, it is a symbol of someone who is strong and tough. It inspires the individual to persevere through hardship.


Duafe T-Shirt

"Wooden Comb"

Symbol of Beauty and Cleanliness; symbols of desirable feminine qualities.

The meaning of this symbol is characterized slightly differently depending on where you get your information.

One emphasizes more abstract qualities of feminine goodness, love and care.

While others take a more literal interpretation, looking one's best and good hygiene. In any case, the duafe was a prized possession of the Akan woman, used to comb and plait her hair.


Nyame Ye Ohene T-Shirt

The literal meaning is "God Is King"

A symbol expressing Majesty and Supremacy of God


Nyame Nti T-Shirt

The literal meaning "By Gods Grace"

A symbol expressing Faith & Trust in God

The Adinkra Dictionary by W. Bruce Willis states: "This stalk is depicted as the staff of life in many cultures. It symbolizes to the Akan that food is a basis of life and that they could not survive if not for the food that God has placed here on Earth for their nourishment."


Akofena T-Shirt

The literal meaning is "Sword Of War"

A symbol expressing Courage, Valor, and Heroism


The crossed swords were a popular motif in the heraldic shields of many former Akan states. As well as recognizing courage and valor, the swords can represent legitimate state authority.


Aya T-Shirt

The literal meaning is "Fern"

A symbol expressing Endurance and Resourcefulness.

An individual who wears this symbol suggests that he has endured many adversities and outlasted much difficulty.


Nsoromma T-Shirt.

The literal meaning is "Child Of the Heavens"

Nsoromma is a symbol expressing Guardianship

A reminder that God is the father and watches over all people.


Nea Onnim no Sua A Ohu


Meaning: “He who does not know can know from learning”


This symbol expressing life-long education.

Life is about experiencing new things, growing from your mistakes and accepting the fact that you probably won’t ever know everything. Be open to being uncomfortable with the inevitable certainty that you’ll be some sort of student for the rest of your life.

Adinkra T-Shirts (Various Symbols)

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  • Male & Female Product Info

    • Fashion Fit Tee
    • The softest shirt we sell
    • 100% ring spun combed cotton
    • Modern fit with extra softness
    • Tubular with shoulder-to-shoulder tape
    • Features 100% combed ring spun cotton for light, extra-soft comfort
    • Double-needle stitching on sleeve and bottom hem


    Kids & Unisex Product Info

    • Heavy Cotton Tee
    • 100% preshrunk, open-ended carded cotton (except grey shirts which are 99% cotton and 1% other fibres)
    • Classic loose fit for all-day comfort
    • Shoulder-to-shoulder tape and seamless collar
    • Double-needle neck sleeve and bottom hem

    Care Instructions: Turn inside out. Machine wash cold. 
    Use non-chlorine bleach only when needed. Tumble dry low. Do not iron image.

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