More About MelaNative

Our mission is to bring to you clothing with empowering and educational designs.

The Symbol below is like our Mantra in life.  It means Quest for Knowledge.

We believe that through learning and understanding our history we can inform our present and enhance our futures.

We build ourselves as individuals and a collective.

There is much from the past that we have lost.  A more balanced way of living with our environment and with each other. 





Our first project is a shout out to Africa & the African Diaspora.

Using the Adinkra Symbols Originating in West Africa.

We find these symbols & the meanings to be very powerful and as such we were eager to share them with you. 

We also have other empowering designs and aim to be continually expanding our range.

If you have any suggestions we are happy to hear from you.

Please browse our store and we hope you will Join us & Go MelaNative

To find out more about Adinkra, Olmecs or any of the other historical designs we have used please click below:

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